Response: A Rural / Urban Conversation

Response: A Rural / Urban Conversation

Response was a two-part collaborative project between artists Jenny Purrett,  Holly Watson, Lauren Healey, David Lisser, Rory Biddulph and Thomas Whittle. Response aimed to provoke debate about the impact of location upon artistic practice by enabling artists to produce new work and reconsider their practice in light of contrasting environments.

Part 1 saw Watson, Healey, Lisser, Biddulph and Whittle, artists based at the NewBridge Project in Newcastle City Centre, temporarily re-locate to Purrett’s rural Northumberland location at VARC for three days. Through an exchange of ideas, conversations and experimentation, this led to the production of new work in response to the rural environment, culminating in an exhibition and a public discussion.

Part Two echoed the intense making period of Part 1, with the artists making work linked to the previous pieces, but responding to the urban environment – in this case a disused shopping unit in the centre of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

See works created for this project: Embedded Architecture // Unit

Response: A Rural / Urban Conversation was supported by Visual Arts in Rural Communities (VARC), The NewBridge Project, Eldon Square Shopping Centre and Arts Council England via Grants for the Arts.